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How to Start a Lip Care Routine

The lips are the most neglected area of our face. If we look after the rest of our bodies, why do we not look after our lips? For many of us, it never crosses our minds to worry about the health of our lips until they begin to dry out. 

It’s not too late to start taking care of your lips and learn what you need to know about lip care.


Choosing the right products

First of all, we must always start with the right lip care product. Lip balms come in many forms and flavours and may consist of paraffin, cocoa butter or natural oils to treat dry skin.

Choosing the right lip care products comes down to your personal preference, as they all have their benefits. Whether you decide on balms, moisturisers, or salves, make sure you stick with natural, cruelty-free and full of ingredients that do not exacerbate dryness but are proven to soften the lips. 

At Apoth and Co, our lip care is full of natural, eco-conscious and cruelty-free ingredients to ensure that you and the planet are getting the very best care.


Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliation

The first step in creating a lip care routine is cleansing and exfoliation. This can easily be achieved by using a lip scrub and lip brush to ensure the lips are clean and clear from daily grime, leftover makeup, food residue and dry flakes.

Cleansing and exfoliation are essential first steps in caring for your lips. We created the Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Lip Buffer Tool with this in mind.


Step 2: Hydrate and Plump


Every day, our lips age along with the rest of our bodies.

 Dehydration and not applying lip care can increase the appearance of ageing and cause our lips to become thinner and more wrinkled. A treatment such as a lip mask adds a dose of hydration to the lips, creating the appearance of plumper lips.

 Our Hydrating Lip Mask is a lightweight gel formula that deeply hydrates your lips, leaving them feeling more luscious and plump after each use. To rejuvenate lips, we created the Rose Quartz Spatula and Sculpting Tool - a dual-purpose tool for hygienically applying lip care and massaging the lips.


Step 3: Moisturise

Most people automatically think of lip balm when they think of lip care. Some of us resort to lipstick and lip gloss to soothe the lips, but these products usually never have the moisturising properties needed to help the lips.

Lip balm is an essential final step in your lip care regime as it helps lock in hydration and prevent it from escaping (a cause of dry lips).


Apoth’s Moisturising Lip Balm contains jojoba and bee’s wax, coconut oil, peach kernel oil, avocado and cocoa butter to nourish the lips deeply.



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